Help ensure a successful school year for kids

August 17, 2016

Annual public awareness campaign kicks off. Help ensure a successful school year for kids. Read more >

Use AOA resources to prepare for changes to ICD-10 codes

August 15, 2016

Thousands of new ICD-10 codes will go into effect on Oct. 1. Read more >

FTC: 1-800 Contacts stifling competition

August 11, 2016

AOA commends FTC action against 1-800 Contacts’ anti-competitive sales practices. Read more >

Doctors of optometry can play a role in erasing health disparities

August 10, 2016

Learn how doctors can increase access to affordable, cost-effective and high-quality care in medically underserved communities. Read more >

‘GMA’ Investigates raises red flag on Opternative

August 9, 2016

AOA president calls Opternative test “foolhardy” and “dangerous.” Read more >

Doctors’ of optometry AMD assessments comparable to ophthalmologists

August 8, 2016

Study suggests doctors of optometry could share care, reducing hospital workload. Read more >