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Available for Relief Work

My name is Lucas Haney, and I am a missionary for Christ, a family man, an optometrist, and have followed Jesus' calling into the mission field of old Mexico.  My wife, children, and I live in a beautiful city called Chapala in the Mexican state of Jalisco.  When we can visit the states, I would love to offer fill-in work for a week to possibly a few months at a time.  I graduated from UHCO, and had my own practice in Texas for 10 years before we received the call to the mission field.  I received my license to practice in New Mexico in 2015.  Having done much fill-in work over the past few years, I've learned to adapt to different EMR's, paper-exam doctor's offices, many different staff, and will do the best work I can with integrity and a joyful spirit.  Please feel free to contact me at lukehaney@hotmail.com.

Ad posted date: 04/19/2017

Cameron E. Herrin, OD.  Board Certified Optometrist.  www.tempeyedoc.com.

Ad posted date: 03/16/2017